An Update in pictures…….

September 7, 2010

 The real Sportacus and Stephanie at Jangos in mansfield a few weeks ago.

More to follow when I can keep awake!


2 Weeks tomorrow….

November 22, 2009

and I’m hitting the big 3 0!

I cant believe its gone so fast. DOesnt seem like two minutes since I was talking about 30 year olds being past it and old!

Oh how your opinion changes when its you lol

I’m going to probably open a can of worms here…

October 22, 2009

But Nick Griffin is now being shown up to be the racist scum he really is!

Heres channel 4’s breakdown of wht he said update

September 7, 2009

The reason that I have had so many comments this week?

It appears that someone is using various email addresses and usernames to post comments casting doubt on wether wantglasses are still in business. These comments WILL NOT be posted! WordPress has systems in place to check IP addresses etc. The idiot posting numerous comments under numerous email addresses failed to realise that I can check his or her IP address. I will not tolerate this. I had problems with wantglasses but know numerous people who have had hastle free transactions with them.

Im planning my 30th….

July 7, 2009

And the first comment someones made is “Half way to 60” lol.

How depressing is that?????

Ashes to ashes….

June 9, 2009

How long can they bloody drag this out for?????????

Hope the rumours are true about a Sam Tyler and Bolls merger next series!

Does anyone else watch it???

About 11 years ago….

May 29, 2009

I met a scrawny lanky glass collector called Azz who worked in the bank pub in mansfield with a mutual friend of ours,.  He was part of a group of friends I went drinking with at the time and we had a good laugh but lost touch when I moved away.

a few years later, After I met Karl I got involved with a car club called maxxd. I was pleasantly surprised to spot Azz amongst the members list and quickly got chatting and reminiscing about old times.

It turns out I drastically underestimated Aaran in the past. I didn’t realise what a genuinely lovely kind and caring bloke he was! He is the sort of person who would go out of his way and then some to do anyone the smallest of favours. The type of person you would love as a big brother. Over the years, he’s become someone I would trust completely! He’s been through hell and back and still managed to keep his sense of humour.  He’s godfather to my children and I’m honoured enough to be his little boy Josh’s Godmother.

Tomorrow, I get to be a part of one of the biggest days of his life. My husband will be Aarran’s Best man at his wedding. I just wanted to use my blog to send my love and best wishes to Aaaran and Emma his wife to be. You both truely deserve every happiness, Jodie and Josh are lucky to have two such fantastic parents who do everything they can within their power to make them happy….

So while Karl makes his speach tomorrow I’ll be thinking of all the good times we’ve shared in the past and looking forward to the future!

All the best you two!!!!!!!!

1 week today…

May 29, 2009

My oldest baby is 4 years old……

4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little mans growing up way too fast!!!….

April 14, 2009

One of the Mums from Sure Start recently introduced me to this site. Its a brilliant idea. Basically you Pay £2.99 a box and they send you a little box of snacks. I Chose to have the Graze Energy box delivered onece a week on a tuesday. I get an email the day before telling me whats in the box (By the way, you can log into the site and go through all the possible items that could be delivered telling them what you love and what you hate, that way you dont get anyhting delivered that your allergic to/cant stand)

Its lovely, my little treat for the week. I can nibble on stuff through the day, or like today, sit down with a cuppa and have a relax and enjoy some really nice stuff. Last week I had Fresh Grapes, BBQ Cashews (Loads nicer than they sound!) and a pack of walnuts, grapes and pumpkin seeds. This weeks hasnt got fresh fruit because of the easter weekend so it had Korean chilli rice  crackers (Gorgeous!) Dried cranberries, Hazlenuts and a pack of Japanese Peanut crackers (So moreish its unreal and one of my favourite snacks)

My first box was free, second was £1.49 and after that Just £2.99 a box, Like I say, a treat. Can imagine they would be good for work as you can munch on them through the day!

Anyone interested in finding out more should follow this link and enter the code P5TQB7C . You get your first box free and the second for half rice (Correct at time of blogging)

Give it a look!!!!!!!!

beer, pizza and good music

April 8, 2009

After a shift at work, does it really get much better than this?????????

My feet are killing, Im knackered but cant switch my head off yet so Im just sat listening to a Kosheen album and having a couple of cans, apart from my laptop the whole house is silent…………….